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The Cookbook

Why did we decide to write a cookbook? Cooking is “in” right now – that’s for sure. But we’re not usually the ones to go along with every trend. However, this time, we didn’t have a choice.

A few years ago we began to offer a variety of fine cuisine at Can Coll. Ever since, we have been truly indulging our guests when it comes to all things culinary.

We wanted to give our guests the chance to vividly remember their vacation with us; a wonderful candlelit evening on our terrace with exquisite Majorcan wines and the delicious dishes created by our head chef Karsten Satorius.

Over time we have currated a colourful collection of interesting dishes– all thanks to Karsten’s imagination!

Time and again, our houseguests and friends have approached us to find out more about the recipes behind the dishes. However, chefs can have a mind of their own and can’t be so easily tricked into letting people peer into their pots and pans ... But we’ve finally managed to persuaded Karsten to publish some of his most popular recipes.

The Can Coll cookbook is available for €27. We can also send a copy where you are. We look forward to receiving your order.

Our cookbook is unfortunately only available in German language - Sorry !!!